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Investigation Division
We are a team of 8, which 6 are investigators,1 support staff and 1 Driver. Our division Director is Mr. Roman Vaihu, Mr. Pilimisolo Tamo’ua, Mrs. Mele’ofa Mohenoa, Mr. Sione Topui, Mr. Samiu Latu and Mr. Mosese Uili making up the investigation team. Mrs. Mo’onia Taufa and Mr. Soane Hehea provides the support services to the team. Mrs. Mo’onia Taufa started with the Office when it was first established in August 2001.

Our main function is to action and investigates all the complaints received by the Office. This includes meetings, correspondences, preliminary inquiries, site visits and report writing. Another important function of the team is to do outreach activities to increase awareness of the Office function.