Office of the Ombudsman Tonga


Accepted Complaints

The Ombudsman accepts complaints on any administrative action (decision, recommendation, act or omission) by any Ministry, Department, Agency or Organisation that affects any person. Complaints must first be made to relevant authority and if the person is not satisfied with the response or lack of – they may complain to the Ombudsman. 

If there is an appeals process provided by law relating to the complaint – the Ombudsman cannot accept the complaint.

A complaint can be lodged through email, free call number, letter, or by clicking here.

Once received, it is assessed and the Ombudsman decides whether the matter warrants a full investigation. Usually all complaints are referred for a response however some complaints are outside the jurisdiction of the Ombudsman.  

Timeline of Complaints

Timeline of investigations can take days up to months depending on the complexity of the complaint. Some are resolved quickly, while others take longer and may include an formal inquiry under oath.

For these types of complaints, reports and recommendations are sent to the authority complained of for their comments before being finalised and distributed. Recommendations may include a requirement for the authority to report back within a specific time  implementing the recommendations. If the authority does not implement the report, the Ombudsman may send the report to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly who will then table it before the Legislative Assembly. 

You may complain against any of these authorities:

Ministries, Departments, Agencies except Cabinet, Privy Council, Legislative Assembly and the Judiciary

Tonga Communications Corporation

Tonga Post and Fast Print Limited

Tonga Export Quality Management Limited

Friendly Islands Shipping Agency

Tonga Development Bank

Waste Authority Limited

Tonga Broadcasting Commission

Tonga Water Board

Tonga Market Corporation Limited

Tonga Assets Managers & Associates Limited

Tonga Power Limited

Ports Authority Tonga

Tonga Airports Limited

Tonga Cable Limited

Retirement Fund Board

Tonga Tourism Authority

A Community Water Supply Committee

under the Public Health Act or Regulations under that Act

Remuneration Authority

Tonga Home Gas

Tonga Gas Limited

Electoral Commission

National Identity Card Office

Electricity Commission

National Reserve Bank of Tonga

Any subsidiary of a public enterprise which Government holds majority shares

Lodge a Complaint with us?

A complaint can be done by letter, email, phone or using the Complaint Form. Once a complaint is received it is assessed and the Ombudsman decides whether the matter warrants a full investigation.

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