Office of the Ombudsman Tonga

Who We Are

Our Vision

Ensuring a fair, accountable and responsive public administration across all ministries, departments, organisations and public enterprises

Our Mission

How we work

How can we help you?

  • We investigate administrative decisions, actions or omissions carried out by any public official from the individual Minister of Crown or Governor level right down to the most junior desk official.
  • We operate independently from Executive Government and our independence is protected by our Constitution. 
  • Following our investigations, we  provide recommendations to improve the quality of the public administration as a whole.
  • We cannot investigate all complaints. If we cannot, we will notify you and state the reasons thereof. 
  • We cannot investigate complaints relating to Cabinet, Legislative Assembly, the Judiciary and the Privy Council. 
  • We do not act for the complainant or the Government.
  • We do not provide legal services.
  • We do not force public authorities to carry out recommendations, however, we do so using persuasion.  
  • We are not a judicial body. 
  • We carry out our investigative work maintaining a high level of professionalism.
  • We inform  complainant’s throughout the investigative stage on the status and likely outcome of their complaint.
  • We pride ourselves in maintaining confidentiality throughout the process. 
  • Once we arrive at a conclusion we will let you and the public authority concerned know in writing. 
  • Provide us with the relevant information relating to your complaint.
  • This includes any documentation, correspondences, visual aids that will assist us. 
  • You have a duty to let us know if any information changes including any new information that may arise. 
  • Ensure that you are cooperative throughout the process. 
  • If you wish to close your complaint at any stage, please contact us. 
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