Office of the Ombudsman Tonga


What we can investigate

  • Complaints by any person against an administrative decision was made by any ministry, department or agency including any organisation listed under the Schedule of the Act. This includes decisions made by Ministers of the Crown or Governors.
  • Any matter referred by the Prime Minister to be investigated but the Ombudsman must consent.
  • Any matter which the Ombudsman exercises his own motion powers to investigate any issue which is in the public interest.

What we cannot investigate

  • Private individuals, members of Parliament, private owned companies;
  • Decisions made by a Court of Law or Tribunal;
  • Cabinet decision. However we can investigate the process which resulted in advice provided to Cabinet or the implementation process of a Cabinet decision;
  • A decision made by a Crown counsel regarding Court proceedings or legal advice; or
  • Decisions which are subject to an appeals process unless there are circumstances which makes it unreasonable for you to exhaust those appeal rights.
If we cannot investigate your complaint, we will inform you of a relevant authority that may assist you.

Can the Ombudsman refuse to investigate your Complaint?

Before lodging a complaint, always try to resolve the complaint with the Ministry, Department, Agency or Organisation. Contact the authority concerned and notify them of your complaint before lodging your complaint with us.

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Grounds the Ombudsman may refuse to investigate

The complaint has not been made to the Ministry, Department, Agency or Organisation.

There is an alternative remedy available to the complainant.

Subject matter complained of occurred more than 12 months ago.

Complaint is vexations or not made in good faith.

No personal interest

Following preliminary inquiries, an investigation is not necessary.

Please note

If the Ombudsman decides not to investigate your complaint, we will notify you of the reasons we cannot investigate. 

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